Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas


Hello all, today I thought I would talk about something Halloween related as it is only a few days away and it is one of my favourite events of the year.

Now if you are still struggling to decide on a Halloween costume or have simply decided on a last minute party, why not take a look at some of these vintage style Halloween costumes worn by people during the 1920s-1940s and see if they can provide any costume inspiration.

The Witch

For this costume you will need a simple black witches hat, a black swimming costume/leotard/body or shorts and t-shirt to be worn with thick tan tights (these can easily be found at dancewear shops) and black heels. For modesty and warmth add a cape (either bought or sew a simple one out of black velvet or satin).

For outfit accessories team it with a broom, a pumpkin or a cardboard cut out cat.

This outfit can also be done in silver or white for a good witch style.

Spiders and Cobwebs

For this outfit, accessorise an existing outfit (dress, skirt, top and trousers) by pinning on spiders (either bought or made from pipe cleaners), sew on cobwebs made from ribbon or even create  a spider web head-dress from a headband, pipe cleaners and tissue paper.



One of the simplest outfits would be to create some simply sewn bat wings from satin or chiffon, then accessorise the rest of your outfit by pinning on paper cut out bats.



This outfit will ideally be red shorts and t-shirt, accessorised with some devil horns and a tail (either bought or hand crafted) and teamed with some heels. For additional props you could try making a little pitch fork from some wooden dowel painted red and some red pipe cleaners.



Again another simple outfit, for this simply cut out skeleton pieces from white paper and pin these onto black trousers and a long black t-shirt. But if I were you I might leave off the skeleton mask like these fellows pictured as it might be a little uncomfortable and scary for some, so maybe try some white and black face painting instead.


I hope this has given you some inspiration for a Halloween costume like those popular in the early 20th Century. If you do recreate one of these costumes feel free to post a picture showing off your handy work and to inspire others.





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