Consultant Services

As a freelance historian based in Lincolnshire, UK, I offer a variety of services relating to historical talks, education, displays and advice on set dressing and costume.

Please contact me at with any enquiries and to ask for a quote.

Historical Consultation

  • Advice on period correct outfits for re-enactors/living history and film/TV. For time periods covering 1935-1955.
  • Advice on home interiors set dressing for film, TV, static displays. For time periods covering 1935-1955.

Talks and Education

  • Talks on various topics relating to 1940s Britain – suitable for the W.I. , community groups, museums, public and private events. Examples include:
    • 1940s hair and makeup
    • The Women’s Land Army
    • 1930s/40s interior and domestic items
    • 1930/40s women’s fashion
  • Education sessions for KS1, KS2, KS3 – Land Girls, Wartime fashion, Women at work in WW2, Children in wartime.
  • Object handling boxes for KS1 and KS2 educational outreach.

Static Displays 

I offer small static displays, featuring original period objects, with item interpretation and handling opportunities. These are available for public and private events.

Example of display topics include:

  • 1930/40s fashion
  • 1930/40s domestic life
  • 1940s kitchen and cookery
  • Women’s Land Army
  • Early 20th century plastics (from 1930s – 1950s)
  • Example images


If you would like to request a service/topic not listed above, please get in contact to discuss additional possibilities via