My name is Annabelle and I am a freelance historian based in Lincolnshire, UK, specialising in British history from the 1930 to 1950.

I have a BSc in History, a PGC in Museum and Heritage Management (specialising in heritage education), substantial experience working within museums and heritage sites and have been a 1930/40s living historian for several years.

My area of specialism relates to British history from 1930 – 1950, with a focus on the period of the Second World War. As a living historian and avid collector relating to this period I am keen to share my knowledge and passion for this period in history with others through the historical consultation service I provide, my blog, 1940s re-enactment and my shop.

Through this website I hope to offer a platform for all those interested in the 1940s to be able to learn, enquire, communicate and generally share our common interest in the 1940s and the decades surrounding it.