Vintage furniture for modern purposes

For many years now I have been buying vintage furniture and something I have learnt in this time is that most pieces will need some form of love and attention to bring them back to their former glory. 

This example is of a 1930s display cabinet I bought a couple of months ago. I managed to get the cabinet for a bargain price of £15 and managed to have a day out in Northamptonshire and then pick up the cabinet on the way home. 

When I got the cabinet home it was in quite good condition but the wood was a little dull and dirty, but the main issue was lots of staples in the back panel where someone had clearly stapled in some type of modern wallpaper in the past. 

So the first task I had was to carefully remove all the staples using some pliers, someone had done a thorough job in the past because there must have been well liver 100 staples. 

Once this was done the only thing left was to give the cabinet a dust, polish the wood and clean the glass inside and out. And ta da the cabinet was ready to use. Due to limit space in my current living arrangements I could not just use this as a display cabinet in the living room, however I did have spare space in my bedroom and was in need of more shoe storage. So for now this cabinet been repurposed as a very ornamental form of shoe storage. 

Stay tuned for more vintage furniture restorations and purchases in the future. 

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